• Casberg Coulee Road - closed at V UPDATE 6/1/23


    Effective 4/24/23, Casburg Coulee Road at County Road V is closed indefinitely.  The bridge is failing and is not safe for vehicle travel. Detours onto Moe Coulee Road are posted.

    UPDATE 6/1/23
    Since the closure of Casberg Coulee Road due to the failure of the culvert on April 24th, the Town has been busy finding the safest and quickest way to get the road opened again.

    On April 25th, La Crosse County, in partnership with the Town, submitted a grant application for replacement of the bridge on Casberg Coulee Road. The application deadline had closed in late March, On May 1st, the Town Chair met with the state Secretary of Transportation Craig Thompson and Senator Brad Pfaff to ask if the grant application could be considered even though it was submitted after the deadline.

    On May 11th, the County and Town received notification that the grant had been approved for 100% state funding of the $819,085 cost to replace the bridge. That is 18 days from closure to securing 100% of the funding to replace the bridge!

    On June 1st, the County advertised for proposals for bridge design with a deadline of June 29th.  Once a design firm is chosen, the process begins for design and construction.  Construction is slated for state fiscal year 2025.  Unfortunately, this is the fastest that construction can be completed with constraints on securing funding, design, bidding and a 6-8 month construction season.

    The Town has also consulted with several engineers to address the questions and concerns brought before the Board at last month's meeting.  A recap can be found on our Fb page.  As always, residents are welcome to attend the monthly Board meetings on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. to keep up-to-date on all Town business and express any concerns.