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  • 1st Reading - ATV/UTV Ordinance - Open All Town Roads DRAFT
    1st reading of this ordinance will take place at the June 8th Town Board meeting. 2nd and possible approval will take place at the July 13th Town Board meeting. Comments are always welcome!
  • Alternative Claims Procedure Ordinance #2-2016

    An ordinance to authorize an alternative procedure for approving financial claims against the Town that are in the nature of bills and vouchers.  Amended 3/23/2020

  • ATV Ordinance
    An ordinance regulating the use of ATV/UTVs on Town Roads and establishing certain ATV/UTV routes.
  • Board of Review Sworn Testimony Ordinance #2-2015

    An ordinance to establish procedures and criteria for allowing alternative forms of sworn testimony at Board of Review hearings.

  • Board Of Review Waiver Of Testimony Ordinance #3-2015

    Establish Procedures For Waiver Of Board Of Review Hearing Requests

  • Building Code Ordinance #1-2016

    An ordinance regulating construction, modification or destruction of buildings and structures.

  • Cemeteries Ordinance #3-2011

    An ordinance on the establishment of new cemeteries.

  • Chicken Ordinance

    Livestock Ordinance changes (allows for chickens in residential districts). See page 17.

  • Commercial Site Plan Ordinance #3-2007

    An ordinance to promote, regulate and control the commercial and industrial development of land within the Town of Holland.

  • Confidentiality Ordinance #2-2018

    An ordinance relating to confidentiality of income and expense records as relates to assessing in the Town of Holland

  • Dog Control Ordinance
    An ordinance establishing the regulation and licensing of dogs within the Town of Holland.
  • Driveway Ordinance 1-2022
    An ordinance regulating driveways and culverts.
  • Fireworks Ordinance #3-2016

    An ordinance regulating the use of fireworks in the Town of Holland.

  • Garbage and Recycling Ordinance #6-2013/2017 amended

    Town Of Holland Solid Waste And Garbage Disposal Regulation Ordinance

  • Governing Ordinance #1-2012 (as amended 2022)

    An Ordinance 1-2012: An Ordinance Regulating The Governing Body Of The Town Of Holland.