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  • Governing Ordinance #1-2012 (as amended 2022)

    An Ordinance 1-2012: An Ordinance Regulating The Governing Body Of The Town Of Holland.  

  • Implements of Husbandry (IOH) Trailering Opt In #5-2015

    Ordinance To Opt-in For Category B IOHS, Category 1 Ag CMVS, Or The Trailering Of One Of Either Of These Two Types of Vehicles From Farm To Field, From Field To Field, Or From Farm To Farm, To Comply With The Statutory Axle Weight Limits

  • Land Disturbance and Road Grades Ordinance #2-2004

    An ordinance to establish requirements concerning land disturbance and road grades.

  • Local Claims Ordinance #4-2018

    An ordinance establishing the requirement for payment of local claims as condition of obtaining or renewing Town issued licenses.

  • Noise Ordinance #6-2007 (as amended in 2015)

    An Ordinance to Regulate Noise Within The Town Of Holland

  • Open Burning Ordinance #3-2008
    Open burning ordinance as amended 8/21/2020.
  • Outdoor Lighting Ordinance #1-2010

    An ordinance regulating outdoor lighting within the Town of Holland.

    Appendix A

    Appendix B

  • Plan Commission Download
  • Pool Ordinance #5-2013

    An Ordinance To Replace Ordinance #2-2002 Creating Requirements When Constructing A Pool within the Town of Holland.  See link

  • Portable Restrooms Ordinance #2-2005

    An ordinance to regulate the use of portable restrooms within the Town of Holland.

  • Provisional Operators License Ordinance #2-2008

    An ordinance to regulate issuing provisional operator's licenses for the service or sale of alcoholic beverages within the Town of Holland.

  • Road Ordinance #1-2013

    An Ordinance Regulating The Protection Of Town Roads Within The Town Of Holland, La Crosse County, Wisconsin.

    Road Hauling Template

  • Short Term Rental Ordinance #3-2018

    An ordinance establishing regulations for operating short-term rentals in the Town of Holland.

  • Sign/Billboard Control Ordinance #4-2007 (as amended in 2012)

    An ordinance regulating large outdoor signs within the Town of Holland.

  • Smoking Prohibition in Town facilities Ordinance #2-2006

    An ordinance to prohibit smoking in the Town Hall.